Debris Scrapers

Debris Scraper - Mini Loader Scraper
Mini Loader Scraper
Recommended host machine: Mini Skid Steer Loader
Boom slew angle: 60° Left to 60° Right
Boom slew mechanics: Manual (optional Hydraulic)
Maximum reach: 1400 mm
Paddle width: 200 mm
Minimum boom clearance: 300 mm
Paddle composition: Nylon (optional F.R.A.S. infusion)
Number of paddles: 25
Hydraulic flow required: 35 - 60 lpm
Debris Scraper - SC3000 Scraper
SC3000 Scraper
Recommended host machine: Skid Steer (Wheeled & Tracked) Loader
Boom slew angle: 90° Left to 0° (Centre)
Boom slew mechanics: Hydraulic
Maximum reach: 2800 mm
Paddle width: 350 mm
Minimum boom clearance: 450 mm
Paddle composition: Steel
Number of paddles: 33
Hydraulic flow required: 50 - 100 lpm