Grader Attachments

Grader Attachments - "GA Series" Grader Blade
"GA Series" Grader Blade
Recommended host machine: Skid Steer (Wheeled & Tracked) Loader
Blade widths: 2100 mm, 2400 mm
Blade height: 450 mm
Cutting edge: Bolt-on & Reversible
Hydraulic cylinders: Twin Blade Height Cylinders, Slew Cylinder, Side-Shift Cylinder
Hydraulic control: Electric over hydraulic (solenoid) controls (additional wiring required on host machine). Use 4-in-1 circuit to operate Grader.
Hydraulic flow required: 30 - 90 lpm (flow restrictors are fitted to cylinders)
Slew angle: Blade slew +/- 45°, maximum cutting depth 250mm
Blade rake: Manually adjustable from Grader to Dozer positions
Front wheels: The front axle is free floating to follow the ground's contours, the two pneumatic tyres are able to swivel a full 360°
Mass: 2100 mm blade - 770 kg
2400 mm blade - 800 kg