Excavator Buckets

Excavator Buckets
The versatile excavator bucket:
  • it levels
  • it grapples
  • it loads
  • it back fills
  • it can work in restricted areas.
Having maintained the standard excavation bucket profile, this strongly built bucket can do any job of a normal bucket, however it then comes into its own when trimming or moving awkward materials e.g. trees. The bolt on rear edge eliminates the need for a batter board. With a Unique rear opening action the operator sees the rear edge much more easily allowing better use of the clam in either loading, unloading or placing loads.
A full range of excavator buckets to suit machines from 6-100 tonnes operating weight are available. All buckets are manufactured using high tensile steels and are available in a range of configurations to suit most applications.
Our unique profiles, while being easy to load, can reduce wear and tear on the tractor and reduce fuel consumption to meet the required production targets. Fuel savings of 10% per metre of material moved are not unusual.
Different bucket designs are used depending on the application e.g. trenching, excavation, ditch cleaning and mass excavation to get the best possible production per hour. Various lip and guarding packages are available from all G.E.T. manufacturers to best suit the customer's job needs or preferences.